[KLG-R017] Yuan Bin Bai Hu of Bei Zhen Fu Si

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Available Date: 2nd Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: Jan 15, 19

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Product Includes:
1. Head x1
2. Body x1
3. Hands x3(pairs)
4. Hats x2
5. Terlig(Brocade) x1
6. Underwear x1 set
7. Shoulder armer + hands armer x 1
8. Waist belt x1
9. Body belt x1
10. Crossbow x1
11. Crossbow bag x1
12. Bows x3
13. Sword and scabbard x1
14. Water bag x1
15. Waist bag x1
16. Waist scarf x1
17. Clip hook x2
18. Lantern (with light in) x1
19. Cloth Boots x1 pair
20. Stand x1


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