[JPT-005] Myriads of Nature Year of Wood

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2022
Guarantee Order Deadline: May 4, 2022

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Product List:
Head with a long face*1
Head with a broad face*1
White pigtail*1
Black pigtail*1
Body*2(with the elderly breast cover)
Ordinary hands*2 pairs
Holding hands*2 pairs
Special hands*2 pairs
Top A*1
Breast protection*1
Pants A* 1
Animal hides * 1
Belt A* 1
Straw sandals A* 1 pair
Hat A* 1
Bow * 1
Quiver* 1
Arrow * 5
Long sword A*1
Short sword A*1
White mask*1
Brown Buddha beads * 1 string
Top B*1
Pants B*1
Belt B*1
Straw sandals B* 1 pair
Left arm armor*1
Right arm armor*1
Shin armor*1
Hat B* 1
Sword with a long handle*1
Long sword B*1
Short sword B*1
Golden mask*1
Bamboo pipe*1
Black Buddha beads * 1 string
Figure stand*2
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