[KLG-R022A] Black Tiger General Liu Ting

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 6, 2020

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Product List:
1. Head Sculpt *1
2. Ferrite *1
3. Hand Shape *3
4. Underwear Shirt *1
5. Coat + Pants *1
6. Boot(leather)*1
7. Cotton armor + iron armor suit (divided into upper armor and side cuish of which the iron armor is at the thickness of 0.5mm) *1
8. A set of arm-armor (made of 25 pieces of four kinds of arm-armor with different sizes and Swallow shoulder beast metal for disassembly pattern) *1
9. Face mask (thickness of about 0.5mm) *1
10. Helmet (the body is made of s oft glue in hard texture and the tip of helmet is the metal) *1
11. One set of neck protection (plus three stamped pieces of neck protection) *1
12. Minghekou Dragon Sword (metal body as well as additional abs plastic) *1
13. Ridge-raising Dragon Swallow Sword + caudal vertebra of sword *1
14. Loincloth*1
15. Leather Belt *1
16. Frock*1
17. Priest Frock *1
18. Waist Tag Joker *1
19. Waist Pack (leather)*1


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