[WK-89025A] Female Comedian Collector Edition

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Available Date: 4 Quarter 2018
Guarantee Order Deadline: Sept 26, 2018

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Product List:
1. Red and green hair carving x1
2. Green hair carving x1
3. Golden head carving x1
4. Semiencapsulated mobile element x1
5. Glove hand X4
6. Coat x1
7. Vest x1
8. Shirt x1
9. Skirt x1
10. Suspender stockings x1
11. Tie x1
12. Leather shoes x1
13. Card x6
14. Dagger x1
15. Pistol x1
16. Shotgun x1
17. Detonator x1
18. Baseball bat x1
19.Support platformx1


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