[CF-LW014] 1:12 WWII U.S. Rangers On D-Day Rifleman A

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Feb 22, 2020

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Head sculpture
Bare Hands x9
M1 Helmet
M41 Combat Jacket
HBT Combat Jacket + Trousers
M1923 Cartridge Belt
Ammo Pouch
M1928 Backpack
M1943 Tri-Fold Shovel + Shovel Set
M1942 First Aid Kit
Canteen + Canteen Bag
M1 Garland Rifle
M1 Bayonet + Scabbard
Grenade x2
M7 Gas Mask Bag
Combat Boots x2
Canvas Leggings x2
Combination Pliers + Plier Bag


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