[VCF-2053] The Slavic Warrior Action Figure

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: May 17, 2021

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Product List:
-Emulational head sculpture
-Male body
-Replace hand type*6

-Black sports coat
-Black sports pants
-Black sneakers
-Maska-1Sch helmet
-6B13 body armor
-Tactical chest rig
-Double rifle mag pouch*2
-Quick pistol mag pouch*4
-Pistol holster(lift hand)
-Pistol holster(right hand)

-Gun sling
-AK-74 assault rifle
-AK 30 round magazine
-AK 45 round magazine
-Holographic sight
-AK-74 optic mount
-Tactical illuminator
-Vertical grip
-Ak-74 bayonet
-AK-74 bayonet scabbard
-Stechkin automatic pistol*2
-Stechkin pistol magazine*4


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