[PPT-P003] WWII British Retro Suit

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Oct 9, 2020

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PPT-P003A; Black
PPT-P003B; Dark Grey
PPT-P003C; Blue
PPT-P003D; Light Grey

Product List:
1. Cap×1
2. Shirt×1
3. Tie×1
4. Waistcoat×1
5. Suit×1
6. Trousers×1
7. Coat×1
8. Belt×1
9. Leather shoes×1

Remarks: If you book this product, you will get an extra pocket watch per box.
Note: Does not include body, head sculpted & weapons

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PPT-P003A, PPT-P003B, PPT-P003C, PPT-P003D


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