[TS-02] Gantz:o Reika

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Available Date: 1st Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Jan 1, 2020

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Company Profile
TOYSEIIKI was founded in 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. It as an integration of R&D, production and sales primarily focuses on the category of Action Figure. Taking advantage of the high quality and abundant anime manga resources of Japan and PHICEN’s popular seamless bodies, TOYSEIIKI aims to present clients with all kinds of lifelike action figures.

Who has long dark hair is a popular Japanese idol famous for her modeling.
She was teleported to the Gantz room when being involved in the killing spree in Shinjuku. Later being a member of the Osaka team, she wears a Gantz Suit and fought against aliens and monsters.
Z-Gunis a large-scale two-gun type, it can apply severe gravitational force in a circular area and force everything within range of the shot to slam into the ground or be flattened.
Gantz Swordhas outstanding cutting performance and is meant for medium range attack, but it’s tricky to use and thus is only suitable for the advanced.

Both products use new, customized bodies
Figure bodies are custom made to better present the Anime characters
Reika: stands 291.5mm tall
Anzu: stands 288.5mm tall, slightly slimmer than Reika

Reika Packing List:
1) 1 x head sculpt
2) 1 x 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
3) 4 pairs x interchangeable gloved hands
4) 1x neck accessories
5) 1 xtight-fitting top
6) 1 pair x long sleeves
7) 1 x bikini bottom
8) 1 pair xLeather stockings
9) 2 x leg holsters
10) 1 pair xboots
11) 2 xdetachable parts of the boots
12) 1 pair x bracelets
13) 1 xGantz Sword
14) 1 xZ-GUN
15) 1 x holder for the Z-GUN
16) 1 x holder for the figure
17) 1 x base
Bar Code: 4580687050025

Reika Packaging:
1 product/individual box
GW: 1.57kg
Measurements: 24cm * 12cm * 38.0cm
6 products/master carton
GW: 10.67kg
Measurements: 50cm * 38.5cm * 40cm


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