[TS-12] Seven Mortal Sins Lucifer

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Available Date: Frist Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 27, 2020

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Product Profile:
Demon king Lucifer of the arrogance.
Lucifer has long butt-length blonde hair tied in a ponytail and two round-curled horns on both sides of her head. Despite being the greatest angel made by God, Lady Lucifer turned into a fallen angel and caused a rebellion, becoming the greatest Demon King in Hell. When she isn’t speaking, her beauty is truly divine, but when she opens her mouth a storm of arrogance blows forth. Her weapon is a huge spear|staff hybrid that is taller than her, with a pointed tip on one end and an ornate skull-headed dragon with pointed horns on the other end.

Packing list:

1) 1 x head sculpt & hair
2) 1 x interchangeable face
3) 1 x ponytail
4) 1 x 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton
5) 3 pairs x interchangeable gloved hands
6) 1 x detachable collar
7) 1 pair x detachable puff sleeves
8) 1 x corset
9) 1 pair x panties
10) 1 x skirt in shape of feathers and petals
11) 1 x tail of the devil
12) 1 x elbow armor
13) 1 pair x forearm armors
14) 1 pair x knee armors
15) 1 pair x leg armors
16) 1 pair x shoes
17) 1 x devil wand
18) 1 x base & holder

Bar code: 4580687050124

1 product/individual box
GW: 1.86 kg
Measurements: 24.3cm * 16.3cm * 38.0cm

4 products/master carton
GW:8.62 kg
Measurements: 51cm *35cm * 40.5cm


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