[KLG-R020B] Captain Zhao Xin in Ming Dynasty

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 26, 2019

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Product List:
1. Head Carving 2pcs
2. Hormone 1pc
3. Gloves 3 pairs
4. Underwear and Pants 1pc
5. Boots 1 pairs
6. Inside Lining 1pc
7. Handmade Tied Armor with Auspicious Clouds(Metal) 1pc
8. Beast Head (Metal) 1pc
9. Waist Tag 1pc
10. Leather Waistband 1pc
11. Waist Ornaments (Metal) 1pc
12. Waist Protector 1pc
13. Waist Knife (Metal) 1pc
14.Knife Scabbard 1pc
15.The Halberd(Metal) 1pc
16. Jisum 1pc
17. Sanshan Hat 1pc
18. Long Weapon (Metal) 1pc
19. Palm Fan 1pc
20. Breastplate (Metal) 1pc
21. Arm Protector 1pc
22. Cloth Waistband 1pc
23. Official Hat 1pc


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