[JO-CS002] Tianji Wang Hexi

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: June 20, 2019

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The armor-textured metal has exquisite old-fashioned effect, more texture and authentic. The real fox fur collar has a natural look and a smooth touch. With rich experience and rigorous attitude, the staff selects the true feather wings with the best appearance and uniform color from many feathers. The wingspan is about 85cm, the fat-free real feathers are glued together, the wings movable, and can be spread ( Flight combat style), foldable behind (retracted wings to relax, save space). The sword of the king is inlaid with gems as imitation diamonds, which is gorgeous, shining, and more reveals the sacred and inviolable temperament of the king of the sky.

Accessories list:
Tianji Wang Hexi Original Model Beautiful Female head sculpt * 1
JO Lan Super Movable Narrow Shoulder Middle Bust Action Figure Body (JO-Q10C) * 1
Real feather wings (movable and foldable) * 1

Breastplate * 1
Carapace * 1
Plastron * 1
Back Wing Mount * 1
Two-layer movable shoulder armor * 2
Skirt * 1
Armband * 2
Under the arm armor * 2
Kneepads * 2
Leg Armor * 2
Boots * 2
Hand * 8

Leather pieces:
Fox fur collar cloak * 1
Inner imitation leather armor * 1
Imitation Leather Leggings * 2
White Thong * 1
Short skirt * 1
Outer skirt * 1

King’s Sword * 1

Round base platform * 1
Universal snake bone bracket * 1


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