[JOQ-05B] Asian Seamless Action Figure Body

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: June 30, 2020

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JOQ-05B-BS; Asian Shape Detachable Foot, Wheat Skin Small Bust
JOQ-05B-WS01; Asian Shape Detachable Foot, NEW White Skin Small Bust
JOQ-05B-YS; Asian Shape Detachable Foot, Natural Skin Small Bust

Product Feature:
1x Female Body ( without head )
1x Display Stand
1x Bikini
4x Neck Joints
4x Pair Hands
3x Set Foot

Material : TPE
Skeleton : 28 Joints of Articulations in Stainless Steel Ball and POM Skeleton .
Product Size : 28CM Without Head
Weight : 0.8KG/Color Box
Foot Type : Detachable Foot
Neck Joint Diameter : 10mm Stainless Steel

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JOQ-05B-BM, JOQ-05B-BS, JOQ-05B-WS01, JOQ-05B-YS


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