[i8-72C323] Serene Hound Troop KATHERINE

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Oct 30, 2019 

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The Anti-Witch Commission’s objective is to track and annihilate all potential threats toward human society brought on by witches. These witches admire not only the devil but possess supernatural powers. The Serene Hound Troop is the exclusive armed forces team sent to annihilate these witches for the Anti-Witch Commission.

Since becoming a member of the Serene Hound Troop, Katherine has been to every dark corner of the Earth and experienced how horrible these twisted and crazy witches can be. She knows all too well: The bigger the witch’s lair, the more serious of a threat they can potentially be to all human society.

Katherine’s single mission was to annihilate the Worm Witch, her servants and was sent to do it alone. This fight was not going to be the same child-like battles she experienced against regular humans when she was with her original mercenary regiment.
This was going to be something much different…

The cave where the Worm Witch hid was not Katherine’s first encounter with a witch’s lair, but was the biggest one so far.
This was the type of battle she had trained for…
This was the type of battle she knew was going to take almost all of the ammunition she had…
This was the type of battle she knew she could win…


After the battle ended, Katherine took a moment to relax and try to recover.
“What’s that noise?”, Katherine said. Just past the Worm Witch’s dead body, she finds another cave entrance. It was an incredibly dark opening as if this abyss had sucked all the light that remained.

Holding her Sub-machine gun tightly, Katherine walks directly into the cave.


-As long as witches exist, the Serene Hound Troop’s mission will never end.
They are the dark spies protecting human society, and the hounds for hunting witches.

Product Includes:
Female head sculpt(Movable eyes)
Female body(hybrid teenage body with metal skeleton)
Hands 10pcs
Army green hooded coat
Tactical sling
White uniform short sleeve shirt
Blue uniform suspender skirt
Blue sleeve 2pcs
Brown arm guard 2pcs
Blue Thigh stockings 2pcs
Green cloth boots 2pcs
Dark grey thigh armor 2pcs
Gray knee armor 2pcs
MP7A1 Submachine gun


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