[POP-CMS004] 1:12 WWII US Rescue Squad Captain/Shooter/Soldier

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: April 16, 2020

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Product List:
Captain head*1
Sniper head*1
Paratrooper head*1
1/12th body*3
Hands*9 pairs
Short-sleeved shirt*1
M1941 field jacket*2
Pants*2 pairs
Leggings*2 pairs
Army boots*2 pairs
Assault vest*2
Paratroop jacket*1
Paratroop pants*1 pair
Paratroop boots*1 pair
M1 helmet*2
M1C Paratroop helmet*1
M1 Thompson Submachine gun*1
M1903A4 Sniper Rifle*1
M1 Garand*1
M1 cartridge bag*1
M1911A1 gun *2
M1911A1 gun with holster*2
Rifle scope*1
High power sniperscope*1
Scope storage box*1
Water jug*3
M3 Combat knife*2
First-aid kit*1
Combat belt*1
X—type straps for equipments*1
Small cartridge bag*5
Tri-fold shovel*3
Figure stand*3
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