[FP-0011B] Operation Valkyrie Special Edition

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Available Date: Frist Quarter 2023
Guarantee Order Deadline: Sept 13, 2022

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Part List:
Historic Based Head Sculpture
Film Based Head Sculpture (Special Edition Exclusive)
Articulated Body + 3 Packs of Hands(left)
Officer Tunic
Officer Ornamented Tunic (Special Edition Exclusive)
Officer Overcoat (Special Edition Exclusive)
Eye Patch (Special Edition Exclusive)
Fattening underwear
Jack Boots (Real Leather)
Officer Hat
Officer Belt (Real Leather)
PPK Pistol + Holster
Briefcase (Real Leather)
Bomb x2
Pencil Detonator x3
Needle Nose Pliers
Residual Limb
1st Class Wound Badge
First Class Iron Cross Medal
Mission ID
Operation Valkyrie Order Folder
Meeting Room Diorama
Table Section (Special Edition Exclusive)
Metal Name Plate


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