[FP-005B] Soviet Tank Driver Mariya Oktyabrskaya Special Edition

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Available Date: First Quarter 2022
Guarantee Order Deadline: June 15, 2021

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FP005A Standard Edition List:
Smile Head Sculpture
FemaleBody with Hands
TSh-4 Tank Helmet with Communication Devices
Russian Accordion
Russian Tanker Leather Jacket
Russian M43 Uniform
Fattening Suit
Real Leather Boots
Real Leather Belt
T33 Pistol with Moving Parts
Russian Canteen and Bag
Tanker Goggle
Side Cap
Tanker Gloves
Repair Wrench
Document Bag
Soviet Union Guards Medal
Order of the Patriotic War
Senior Sergeant Shoulder Insignia
Captain Shoulder Insignia

FP005B “Fighting Girlfriend” Special Edition Includes Extra:
Fighting Head Sculpture
T34 Tank Turret Stand


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