[AL-100029] WWII Soviet Red Army Combat Engineer

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Available Date: First Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Nov 13, 2019

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Product Includes:
Headsculpture *1
Action Bady *1
Hands *2
Forage Cap *1
Red Army SSH-40 Helmet *1
Soviet Uniform Coat *1
Soviet Uniform Trousers *1
Amoeba Pattern Camouflage Coat *1
Amoeba Pattern Camouflage Trousers *1
Leather Belt *1
Leather Boots *1
POKC-3 Flame Ejector *1
PPS-43 Submachine Gun *1
SN-42 Body Armor *1
Grenade RGD-33 *2
Grenade F1 *2
Magazine *3
Ammo Ammunition Pouch *1
Hand Grenade Bag *1
Antitank Grenade Bag *1
Antigas Mask Package *1
SVT40 Bayonet *1
Soldier Epaulet


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