[AL-100023] Red Army Infantry Lieutenant Officer Set

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WW2 1942 Red Army Infantry Lieutenant Officer Set 

Available Date: 4 QTR 2018
Guarantee Order Deadline: August 31, 2018

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Product Includes:
Red Army M1936 Officer Pilotka Cap *1
Red Army M1935 Officer Tunic *1
Red Army M1938 Blue Breeches *1
Ushanka Hat *1
Red Army Bekesha Winter Coat *1
Red Army M1932 Leather Belt *1
Red Army M1932 Leather Cross Strap *1
Leather Officer Boots *1
Red Army Binoculars *1
Red Army Leather Binoculars Case *1
Red Army Military Map Case Bag *1
M1895 Nagant Revolver *1
Nagant Revolver Holster *1
Officers Brass Whistle *1
The Collar Patches *1
Arm Badge *2
Order of the Red Banner *1
Medal “For Courage” *1
Suitable for most mainstream 1:6 figures, notice:head sculture and body are not included


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