[VCF-FX08] Asian Beauty Head Sculpture + VC 3.0 Female Body Set

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: Oct 8, 2018

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VCF-FX08A; Antique hairstyle head sculpture + Body
VCF-FX08B; Straight hair head sculpture + Body
VCF-FX08C; Double meatball-like hairstyle head sculpture + Body

Product Item Includes:
– Emulational head sculpture
– VC 3.0 Scale Female Body;
– Hand Sets: 4 Pairs;
– Two Pairs of Foot Set (Bare Flat Feet & High-Heel Feet);
– Pair of Long Feet Connector;
– Pair of Short Feet Connector;
– Pair of Leg Heightening Connector;

*The product doesn’t include garment accessories.
*FX08-B, FX08-C The clothing is provided by SUPERMCTOYS.

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