[SW-FS056] Miss Wong

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2023
Guarantee Order Deadline: June 23, 2023

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Product List:
Female head sculpture (moveable eyes): 1 piece
Smiling female head sculpture (moveable eyes): 1 piece
Hip wrap top: 1 piece
Stockings: 1 Pair
Tactical hanger (with pistol holster): 1 set
Belt (with pistol holster): 1 set
Steyr assault pistol: 1 piece
Carved hook pistol: 1 piece
Golden egg (alloy): 1 piece
Handshake gloves: 1 pair
Black tail pistol: 1 pistol clip: 1
Hookline pistol arrow: 1 piece
Walkie-talkie: 1 piece
Plaka virus: 1 vial
Normal gloved hands: 1
Gun glove hands: 1 pair
Rubberized female body: 1 piece
Evening wear: 1 set


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