[PTG-8601] Ultimate Fighter 4 Moving BOYKA Boyka

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 10, 2021

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Product Details
1. Head Carving (war loss version)
2. Head Carving (Common Edition)
3. Body
4. Meat Color Hand Type (4 pairs)
5. Fighting Gloves (A piece)
6. Sandbags (One Set)
7. Boxer Target (a pair)
8. Wrguard (a pair)
9. Leather coat (one)
10. Short sleeves (one piece)
11. Jeans (one piece)
12. Belt (one)
13. Tank top (one piece)
14. Fighting Shorts (One piece)
15. underpants (one piece)
16. Knee pads (a pair)
17. Ankle Case (a pair)
18. Cross necklace (one)
19. Boots (a pair)


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