[PA-2102DX] Captain Sliverblade BSAA SOU Deluxe Version

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: March 25, 2021

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Product List:
Assault rifle (assault rifle)*1
Pistol 909(nine-oh-nine)*1
Field dagger*1
Dagger set*1
Intercom *1
Tactical glove hand type*9
Tactical vest*1
Combat uniform*1
Army pants*1
Holster A*1
Holster B*1
Knee pads*2
Military boots*1 (pair)
Flash grenade*1
Smoke grenade*1
Desert Eagle*1
Assault shotgun*1
Semi-automatic sniper rifle (SEMI-AUTOMATIC SR)*1
Rocket launcher*1
Corrupted Crow*1
Experimental body MA-38*1
Oil drum*1 Barricade (remote control)*1
Street scene platform*1


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