[MM-012] One-piece Low-cut Swimwear

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MM-012A; White one-piece low-cut swimwear
MM-012B; Black one-piece low-cut swimwear
MM-012C; Red one-piece low-cut swimwear
MM-012D; Pink one-piece low-cut swimwear
MM-012E; Blue one-piece low-cut swimwear

It is suitable for female figure with a ratio of 1:6 (12 inches)
This product does not contain the body and head in the picture.
The garment fabrics used in this product have been washed repeatedly before production, and have not undergone the phenomenon of dyeing after 24 hours contact with the rubber body.
Model’s head sculpt: SUPER DUCK SET015-C
Model’s body: TBLeague pale Female Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton (head sculpt not included) S07C

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MM-012A, MM-012B, MM-012C, MM-012D, MM-012E


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