[LXF-BLX201A] Dunhuang Flying Sky Deluxe

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Available Date: Fourth Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 3, 2020

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Product List:
Huaping hairpin X6
Hair bun middle decoration X2
Corolla headdress x1
Braid collar X2
Hairpin X6
Braided hairpin X6
Braid X6
Middle decoration x1
Bracelet x2
Armband x2
Foot ring x2
Neck ring pendant x1
Waist hang x1
Chest x 1
Long skirt x1
Trouser skirt x1
Hand type X6 (finger picking, piano player, rabbit player)
Menstrual cycle x1
With jade handle x1
Flocked rabbit x1

Platform: moon full cold pool
The backlight can lift the full moon x1, guanghangong futu x1, Hanchi base x1, Tieyi bracket x1, serpentine branch x1
Luminous palace lamp, blue lotus, dragon fish.

Material: 925 silver PVC ABS fabric
The product details department is subject to change without notice. Biluoxuan has the final right to interpret the product


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