[LS-2023-3RD] Joan of Arc 2.0 Dragon Girl Version 3rd

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2024
Guarantee Order Deadline: Dec 4, 23

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Product Features:
Two-dimensional head carving X1
Facial Expressions Face X4
TBLS36 plastic body X1
Alloy visor X1
Alloy Name Tag X1
PVC waist armor X1
PVC skirt armor X1
Alloy armband X2
Alloy elbow pads X2
Alloy handguard X2
Glove hand X4
Alloy leg rings X2
Alloy Leg Armor X2
Alloy boots X2
Dress X1
Underwear X1
Sleeves X2
Long socks X2
Alloy Long Sword X1
Scabbard X1
Alloy Spear X1
Battle Flag X1
Stand X1

**The final product may differ slightly from the prototype.
** Product details are subject to adjustment and change during production without prior notice.
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