[LIM-010] The Investigator Deluxe

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Available Date: First Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Dec 1, 2019

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RK900 clothing style:
A beautifully cut and spliced ​​black and white turtleneck bionic uniform
A high collar black shirt
A pair of dark jeans
A black belt
A pair of dark leather shoes

A detachable sniper rifle
An assault rifle (with aiming accessories)
A D.P.D jing pistol
A black jun pistol

An RK800 head carving with an aperture using blue uv reflective paint;
A RK800 fades the simulated skin head carving, with a red uv reflective paint aperture and a blue uv reflective coating.
A RK900 head carving, including red uv paint reflective aperture and blue pupil coating
Two special movable bodies
Two coins
A tropical fish
A ra9 sculpture (can be separated into two sections, with cards inside)
Two yellow signs (with platform scene)
Four pieces of game interactive accessories that can be assembled and replaced with transparent dialog boxes and connectors (can be assembled on the platform)
17 replaceable palms include:
Two pairs of fists
Two pairs of guns
A pair of naturally stretched palms
One-and-a-half handshake
A pair of bionic person’s palms
One clip coin palm
A blue blood palm (with game interactive accessories assembled on the side of the finger)
A red bloody palm

Specially designed crime scene scene theme platform with character brand
Specially designed Zen Garden theme platform with character brand
Crime scene scene theme background board (can be assembled on the back side of the platform)
Zen garden theme background board (can be assembled on the back side of the platform)


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