[JOQ-10EF] European Female Action Figure

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JOQ-10E-WS; Female Action Figure in Pale/White Skin Big Bust With Detachable Foot
JOQ-10E-PM; Female Action Figure in Pink Skin Big Bust With Detachable Foot Detachable Foot
JOQ-10E-BM; Female Action Figure in Brown Skin Big Bust With Detachable Foot
JOQ-10E-PS; Female Action Figure in Black Skin Big Bust With Detachable Foot
JOQ-09F-BS01; Female Action Figure in Suntan/New Wheat Skin Big Bust

Product Feature:
Stainless Steel Seamless body in big breast size *1 pc
Strong Skin Touch, Super Flexible
External material anti-burst anti-aging
Internal Skeleton anti-aging corrosion resistance
Can be washed, easy to clean and maintenance
CE Cerfitication and Nation Patent have been approved

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JOQ-10E-BM, JOQ-10E-PM, JOQ-10E-PS, JOQ-10E-WS, JOQ-10F-BS01


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