[IFT-037B] Three Kingdom 2018 SHCC Collectible Set B

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Available Date: 1st Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: Dec 4, 2018

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Specification of the product:
★Guan Yu
-A newly-carving head( Squinting look-straight expression& Long black real fabric beard implantation)
-Newly developed male body with seamless upper body
-3 pieces of interchangeable palms
-Approximately 33 cm tall

Costumes & Accessories:
-Green drop-shoulder robe
-Green Bloomers
-Blue wrist guards
-Silk sash
-Gauze bandage
-Leg armor
-A pair of battle shoes
-Protecting-abdomen Animal-head

★Hua Tuo
-An Elaborate-carving head( with a headband,Long gray real fabric beard implantation)
-Common male body(special arms)
-2 pieces of unreplaced palms(no movable joints)
-Approximately 29 cm tall

Costumes & Accessories:
-White underwear
-White bloomers
-Light green cloak
-Gray belt
-Clothes which make the body looks fat

★The soldier
-An Elaborate-carving head(in a hat)
-Common male body
-2 pieces of interchangeable palms
-Approximately 30 cm tall

Costumes & Accessories:
-Blue bloomers
-Blue cloak
-Clothes which make the body looks fat
-Neck scarf
-Waist support

★Other accessories
-Chinese chessboard
-Two Chinese chess baskets
-Wine cup
-A white Chinese chess piece

●Note: This collectible set is not included Zhou Cang and the green dragon crescent moon blade.
If you have ordered a “Zhou Cang & Guan Yu’s Night Reading Scene”Collectible Set and you don’t want rebuy the
writing desk or the Foot-stool ,you can choose the collectible set without the desk and stool.

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