[FYJ-002B] General Huang Zhong of the Western Expedition Deluxe Version

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Available Date: First Quarter 2025
Guarantee Order Deadline: June 24, 2024

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Product placement list:
-Exquisite Head carving X1
-New development of pixel X1
-Hand x8

-blouse X1
-pants X1
-The general’s cloak X1

Full armor:
-Including shaking waist, belt, etc
-Circular platform with logo

-Red Blood Blade X1
-Sword (including sheath) X1

LIAO YUANHUO product placement list:
-1/6 Red sweaty horse(including horse armor, harness, horse accessories, etc.)
-Battle flag (including base)

Platform product placement list:
-44cmX26cmX14cm high Stone scene platform

# Giveaway:
-Bow (including bow cover) X1
-5 arrows (including quiver) X1

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