[FT-007] Battle Girl 1.0 Set

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Product List:
Camo Combat suits
Leather Belt
Tactical shoes
Tactical Gloves
Baseball Hat
Sun Glass
P226 Pistol
Tacticla Gun Holster
MR556 Rifle
One Point Rifle Sling
Holographic Sight
Advanced Targer Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light
Gun Light
Dual Pressure Pad Remote Switch
Angled Foregrip
Tactical Plate Carrier
MOLLE 5.56 Mag Pouch
MOLLE Pistol Mag Pouch
MOLLE Transceiver Pouch
MOLLE Grenade Pouch
MOLLE Admin Pouch
Leg Rigs
Transceiver & Tactical Headset
Plastic handcuff
Body and head not included


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