[FP-007A] MG42 Machine Gunner at Ardennes

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2022
Guarantee Order Deadline: Nov 30, 2021

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Standard Edition List:
Head Sculpture
Articulated Body with interchangeable hands x 6
M42 Helmet (Metal)
M43 Field Uniform
M40 Oak Camo Smock (Double-sided)
MG42 Machine Gun
MG42 Machine Gun Ammo Belt(Copper with Metal Rings)
US M43 Pants with Reinforcement
US Poncho(Custom Thin-Water Proof Material)
Boots(Real Leather)
Head toque
Suspenders(Real Leather)
Belt(Real Leather)
MG42 Gunner Pouch(Real Leather)
Holster(Real Leather)
Browning Hi-Power Pistol(Belgium Made with Tangent Sight)
Gas Mask Canister
Mess Kit
Boot Knife
Trench Tool
Collar Tab x 2
Wrist Band
Wound Badge
Assault Badge


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