[FP-006] US 101st Airborne Private

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Available Date: First Quarter 2022
Guarantee Order Deadline: Aug 18, 2021

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Part List:
Head Sculpture
COO BD001Nude Body
M1 Helmet (Metal)
M42 Uniform Set
M1 Garand Rifle
M1 Bazooka
Paratrooper Boots (Real leather)
Blasting Machine
Paratrooper M6 Scabbard + M3 Knife
Paratrooper Suspender
M1 Rigger Pouch x4
US Trenching Tool + Bag
US Canteen Set + Bag
Garand Bayonet + Scabbard
Airborne Patch x1
Private Patchx2
Bridge Diorama Stand


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