[FIT-2001] Forklift

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Available Date: First Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Nov 29, 2019

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FIT-2001A; Yellow Weather
FIT-2001B; Orange Weather
FIT-2001C; Yellow
FIT-2001D; Orange
FIT-2001E; Pallets & Cartons

FIT-2001A-D Product List:
Forklift *1
Pallets *1 (give as a present)
Carton Boxes *4 (give as a present)
Material: metal/PU
size: 26cm*11cm*23cm
Metal material Joint movable the wheel can be rotated
The Figure and weapon are not included

FIT-2001E Product List:
Pallets *10
Carton Boxes *20

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FIT-2001A, FIT-2001B, FIT-2001C, FIT-2001D, FIT-2001E


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