[DAM-DMS035] CN171-11 Rescue Unit Zhang Xiaoqiang

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: March 4, 2021

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1/6th scale CN171-11 rescue unit Zhang Xiaoqiang collectible figure specially features(NO.DMS035):

Main character:
– Exquisite head sculpture, the head sculpture highly restores the facial expressions and tough-guy image of the character Zhang Xiaoqiang acted by Li Hongchen in The Wandering Earth.
– Dam 3.5 high action body
– 4 interchangeable hands

– One exquisite detachable helmet, including mask and recording equipment
– One communication headset
– A set of the sophisticated exoskeleton of military mechanical movable structure with an energy backplane and over 130 parts, such as various mechanical components, special-shaped leg rods, hydraulic cylinders, pipelines, joins.
– A set of military black protective suit
– One tactical vest
– Rifle mag pack x 3
– Pistol mag pack x 2
– A pair of knee pads
– Black pistol holster
– A pair of boots

– Gatling machine gun
– CNIGC.CO L/QBZ47-5.8 assault rifle
– CNIGC.CO L/QSZ47-9 pistol
– Spare rifle mag x 3
– Spare pistol mag x 2
– Dagger x 1

Other accessories:
– Exclusive base



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