[CW-001] Tang Dynasty Lion Head General

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: May 11, 2020

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Product List:
Head carving (including magnetic crown)
Eight replacement hand models

Internal loop *1
Blue pattern long loop *1
Blue pants *1
Leather boots *2
Face mask(metal) *1
Flexible tongue buckle belt *1
Dou Liu (metal) *1
Dunxiang (shanwen armor) *3
Shoulder swallow (metal) *2
Shirtless (shanwen armor) *2
Arm binding (fish scale armor, metal) *2
breastplate (true leather) *1
Nail binding (true leather) *1
Heart-protecting mirror (metal) *2
Front breast armor (shanwen armor) *1
Back breast armor (shanwen armor) *1
Leg Skirt armor (shanwen armor) *2
Loincloths armor (front crotch shanwen armor) *1
Guwei armor (back crotch shanwen armor) *1
Tibial band * (fish scale armor, metal) *2
Robe belly *1
abdominal swallowing (alloy) *1

Tang cross knife *1 (metal)
Platform *1

Booked gifts:
Strange knife *1 (metal)

Remark: The complete set includes 3300 pieces of bronze shanwen plates and 400 pieces of fish scales


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