[ASM-YAKU02A] Majima Goro

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Available Date: Third Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: March 23, 2020

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Category Yakuza
Product Type Ultimate 8″ Action Figure
Director Andy Hsu
Head Supervisor SHand
Head Sculpter Nono Wang Andy Hsu
Clothing Chim Ming Lee
Accessories Michelle Lee

The Majima Goro 8″ figure features:
– Asmus Exclusive 8″ tattooed body
– Approximately 22cm tall
– Over 32 points of articulation

– Super detailed head sculpt accurately depicted from the video game
– Three pairs of exchangable hands

Special features on clothing:
– One pair of snake patterned jacket
– One pair of black pants
– One pair of black shoes

– One baseball bat
– One cell phone
– One bottle of energy drink
– One construction hat
– One megaphone
– One patterned dagger


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