[LIM-004] D-PACK Tiger Stripe ST-edition

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Available Date: 1St Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: Jan 7, 2019

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Product List:
Customized body
Tiger stripe camo suit (with Sand storm effect)
Bionic arm
Bionic hand*2
Tactics glove hand*2
Sand goggles (with Sand storm effect)
Gas mask (with Sand storm effect)
Military boots (with Sand storm effect)
Shoulder pad with logo*2 (with Sand storm effect))
Weathered olive-drab holster (with Sand storm effect)
Weathered olive-drab long cartridge bag *4(Connected with buckles)
Weathered short cartridge bag (Connected with buckles)
Weathered waist pack (Connected with buckles))
Weathered Kettle &kettle bag 16—Weathered sand scarf
Weathered knee pad &cover
Weight belt
Tactics belt
Traction belt
Leg elastic rope
A.P.D cardboard box


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