[HY-HH18001] Imperial Army Reloaded Infantry

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Available Date: 1 Quarter 2019
Guarantee Order Deadline: September 26, 2018

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Figure Features:
-one(1) 1/6 simulation head carving
-one(1) Movable entity
-six(6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms

-one(1) Red jacket
-one(1) Brown pants
-one(1) Red cloak
-one(1) Red scarf
-one(1) Brown wristband
-one(1) Sundries bag
-one(1) Marching backpack
-one(1) blanket
-one(1) belt
-one(1) Shoes
-one(1) helmet(metal)
-one(1) armor(metal)
-one(1) pauldrons(metal)
-one(1) Arm guard(metal)

-one(1) Long sword(metal)
-one(1) dagger(metal)
-one(1) Shield
-one(1) Long gun(metal)
-one(1) kettle(metal)
-one(1) pot(metal)
-one(1) ladle(metal)
-one(1) ax(metal)
-one(1) Round platform


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