[DAM-DMS011] Shay Patrick Cormac

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Available Date: First Quarter 2020
Guarantee Order Deadline: Sept 20, 2018

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Special features of the 1/6th scale Shay Patrick Cormac Collectible Figure:
-Highly detailed head sculpture
-DAM muscle action body
-Eleven (11) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
-One (1) left hand for holding rifle
-One (1) pair of hands for holding dagger/sword
-One (1) pair of open hands
-One (1) pair of fists
-One (1) pair of hands for holding flintlock pistol
-One (1) pair of relaxed hands

-One (1) black colored outer robe
-One (1) white colored long-sleeved inner shirt
-One (1) red colored short-sleeved inner shirt
-One (1) dark brown colored leather-like chest belt
-Six (6) dark brown colored leather-like pouches
-One (1) dark brown colored leather belt
-One (1) white belt sash with Templar cross logo
-One (1) pair of black colored pants
-One (1) pair of black colored boots
-One (1) pair of dark brown colored Pistol bags
-One (1) pair of black and red colored bracer (attachable to forearm)

-Two (2) long-barreled flintlock pistols
-Two (2) hidden blades
-One (1) air rifle
-One (1) dagger
-One (1) sword

-Specially designed figure stand with game logo

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