[GMT-002A] Fantasy Warrior Cloud Strife Normal Edition

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Available Date: Second Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: Nov 5, 2020 

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Product Includes:
1x head sculpture.
1x game player brand new independently developed two-dimensional ratio male body (covered arm/full height about 30CM)
1 pair of replaceable joint arms
3 pairs of interchangeable glove hands
1x Turtleneck Sleeveless Top
1x trousers
2x belt
1x girdle with shoulder strap
1 pair of boots
1x left hand bandage
1x left shoulder armor
1x left arm armor
1x right arm sleeve
1x Buster Sword
1x Buster Sword crown state connecting parts
1x Buster Sword released state replacement parts
2 sets of magic spar assembly status (green/red/yellow/blue/purple) each * 2
1 set of magic spar in unassembled state (green/red/yellow/blue/purple) each * 1
1x small yellow flower
1x feather
1x display stand
*About 65CM length
*Movable parts (front and rear wheels, landing gear, handbrake adjustment direction)
*Headlights and taillights with LED light-emitting components


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