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Available Date: Third Quarter 2023
Guarantee Order Deadline: Feb 15, 2022

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Asmus Adam+ body

Head Sculpts:
– One Full Head: Smile Face without blindfold
– One upper Part: With Eye Mask and Hair
– One lower Part: Normal face
– One lower Part: Laughing face
– One lower Part: Serious face
– One lower Part: happy face

– A pair of relaxed hand
– A pair of fist
– A Mantra hand I
– A Mantra Hand II
– A hand with folded fingers
– A Pair of leather Shoe
– A Jujutsu Kaisen Base
– A Base with stand

– A Trousers in Dark Purple color
– A Top in dark purple color
– A Pair of Black socks
– One Eye Mask in Black


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