[PL-LB2020-T02] 1/12 Large Bust Super-Flexible Female Seamless Body

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Available Date: First Quarter 2021
Guarantee Order Deadline: Jan 5, 2021 

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PL-LB2020-T02A; in red bikini
PL-LB2020-T02B; in white bikini

Mini dolls with larger bust size are coming!
They share a new body type, anime body type we call it, but have different head sculpts and differently colored bikinis.

Packing List:
1、1 × head sculpt
2、1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
3、3 pairs × interchangeable hands
4、2 pairs × interchangeable feet
5、1 × bikini(for free)
6、1 pair × wristbands
7、1 pair × ankle supports
8、1 × base & holder
9、4 color packaging

Bar code: 697 127233 077 2(PLLB2020-T02A)
Bar code: 697 127233 078 9(PLLB2020-T02B)

Product Size:
height: 150 mm
Bust:67 mm
Waist:45 mm

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PL-LB2020-T02A, PL-LB2020-T02B


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