[HY-ZH18016] Oriental Dragon Deluxe Version

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Available Date: 4 QTR 2018

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Configuration list:
– one(1) Dragon king emulated head carving
– one(1) Action body
– six(6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms

– one(1) Edge belt
– one(1) Embroidery front cloth
– one(1) Robes
– one(1) Skirt
– one(1) Underwear
– one(1) Trousers
– one(1) Coat
– one(1) Socks
– one(1) Fattening garment
– one(1) Ribbon
– one(1) Shoes
– one(1) Crown
– one(1) Ornaments

– one(1) Dragon throne
– two(2) Dragon pillars
– one(1) Chair cushion
– one(1) The tortoise furnishing articles(Do not move)
– one(1) Background


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